LED Grow Lights Let You Garden All Year Long

With the advances in technology these days, you can actually grow fruits and vegetables even in winter. One of the biggest advances is LED plant grow lights which are a huge improvement over the traditional grow lights in many ways. At first glance, you might think that LED grow lights are too expensive. Indeed, they […]

Enhance Your Garden With Wind Chimes


Wind chimes are a great addition to any outdoor space. Large wind chimes add a very positive and harmonious atmosphere to garden settings. They further the tension relief offered by nature and natural settings. While outside, tension and stress give way to relaxation and peace. People can breathe deeply and feel at ease. The decorative […]

Furnishing The Garden And Patio-How You Can Turn Your Garden And Patio Into An Escape Haven

Garden furniture

Furnishing your garden and patio is not going to be the same as providing furnishings for other parts of your house. For the most part you will want to buy furnishings that are going to allow you to turn either one of these areas into a place where you can come to get away from […]

Uniflame GAD1200b Outdoor Fire Pit Review

I researched customer reviews and specs. of the Uniflame GAD1200 outdoor fire pit to see how it compares to other fire pits and here’s what I found: This firepit has a nice design with a granite top that allows for a place to set you drinks or plates. It is a gas fireplace so you […]

The Importance Of Spa Covers


Spa and hot tub maintenance is not just about making sure the parts are functioning and the water has the right pH balance. It is also important that the tub is protected with the right cover that fits properly and is not damaged.

Garden Design For Beginners

You may have recently purchased your home and be considering the garden as a clean slate, or you might simply want to revamp your current garden. Either way you may be planning an entire upheaval and want to start a new garden design from scratch. The brave amongst you might want to do this yourself.

Early Spring Gardening Tips


When the weather starts to turn warmer, my thoughts always start to turn to the garden, but in early spring there’s not a lot of planting that you can do because the ground is still too cold. Be that as it may, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the warmer […]

Building A Raised Bed Garden


Building a raised bed garden can be a great way to add to your landscape and make gardening easier. Here’s a video that shows you how to build a raised bed in your yard: There’s many advantages to raised bed gardening such as: Perfect Soil A raised bed garden sits above your current soil level […]