Tips to Keep Bees Off Your Property

Bee on flower

Bees are a very important part of our ecosystem. They help pollinate plants as well as flowers and trees, and they also make honey. However, bees are not welcome in most homes. Not only can their bee sting cause pain and itchiness, but if you have a weak immune system, it could also trigger an […]

Is It Really Bad to Have Ants Around?

ants on a green grass

Most of us just don’t like ants because some species sting, and that’s a huge nuisance. Other ants build mounds in gardens and yards, and they flock to flowers and other plants. It is also common for ants to farm aphids. These things are detrimental to buds and blooms, and gardens and landscapes. But you […]

What Kind Of Swimming Pool Would You Enjoy The Most In Your Back Garden?


If you live somewhere that gets good weather then it’s almost inevitable you’ll want to build a swimming pool if you have some extra cash lying around. In summer they could get used every single day. If you don’t care for laps then there’s always the option to go for a nice relaxing dip when […]

Japanese Garden Design Principles

The Japanese garden is laid out following rigid design principles. That does not, however, mean that they are all mechanical creations following mathematically precise concepts. The Japanese word for landscape is “san-sui” which means mountains and water. These and other elements of the natural world such as meadows, islands, ponds, and so forth are incorporated […]

Preparing Your Outdoor Patio for Fall


It’s getting to that time of year again when the crisp will soon be in the air and Halloween decorations will adorn the doors of many homes. While you’re busy putting up decorations, baking pumpkin pies and picking out your favorite fall scented candles, you also need to take the time to prepare your outdoor […]

How To Make The Most Of Your Backyard


Too many people have backyards with great potential but do not put them to good use. You have probably seen plenty of yards that are overgrown and just don’t have anything in them. They become emotionless, unattractive and it’s really sad because they could be so much more. If you feel as though your backyard […]

Make Your Garden Stunning All Year Round

Your garden should always be a peaceful and beautiful place, even through the winter months! Even though gardens are difficult to maintain through the cold wintry months, here are some tips to make your garden look stunning through the whole year! Tidy Up One the easiest ways to let down the look of your garden […]

The Cottage Approach To Gardening

In the traditional cottage garden, flowers, fruit and vegetables grew together in glorious, organised jumble. Borders were planted to be productive as well as pretty. Every bit of ground was put to good use, and fertility was maintained with natural manure from the chicken run and pig pen. Many of the flowers were those gathered […]