Free and Easy Zinnias for Next Year’s Garden

Nothing comes for free, right? Well, the only thing my gorgeous zinnia flower patch cost me was a tiny bit of effort. I had heard someone claim that they simply buried dried zinnia flower heads from an existing patch in the ground nearby to create a new patch for the following year. Coming past my […]

The Perks of a Push Lawn Mower


Although most people own petrol powered lawn mowers, every so once in a while you will happen upon someone that is still using a push lawnmower (also known as a hand lawnmower). Given how old the lawn mowers tend to look people stand out when they are using one, prompting most people to ask, why […]

A Stunning Warm Welcome To Your Home

As the saying goes – “first impressions count” and when applied to the home this means the frontage – what do people see from the roadside? A front driveway full of junk or a driveway clean and glistening in the light? Do you ever sit in traffic staring at the houses along the roadside and […]

A Look At 5 Reasons That Necessitate The Removal Of Trees


Trees are good for shade and form exterior attractions for many homes. They also bring life to streets and institutions that would be quite dull if they had no vegetation. Environmental benefits of trees are plentiful. Nonetheless, trees have inherent dangers or may be obstacles for new building development or simply have to be removed […]

Decorate Your Lawn with More than a Garden


Turning outdoor space into livable space is a great way to add value to your home.  This can be achieved by adding a patio to the outside of your house.  They are an easy and affordable way to create a private area for entertaining during barbecues or a secluded area to read and relax. These […]