LED Grow Lights Let You Garden All Year Long

With the advances in technology these days, you can actually grow fruits and vegetables even in winter. One of the biggest advances is LED plant grow lights which are a huge improvement over the traditional grow lights in many ways. At first glance, you might think that LED grow lights are too expensive. Indeed, they […]

Japanese Garden Design Principles

The Japanese garden is laid out following rigid design principles. That does not, however, mean that they are all mechanical creations following mathematically precise concepts. The Japanese word for landscape is “san-sui” which means mountains and water. These and other elements of the natural world such as meadows, islands, ponds, and so forth are incorporated […]

Make Your Garden Stunning All Year Round

Your garden should always be a peaceful and beautiful place, even through the winter months! Even though gardens are difficult to maintain through the cold wintry months, here are some tips to make your garden look stunning through the whole year! Tidy Up One the easiest ways to let down the look of your garden […]

Garden Design For Beginners

You may have recently purchased your home and be considering the garden as a clean slate, or you might simply want to revamp your current garden. Either way you may be planning an entire upheaval and want to start a new garden design from scratch. The brave amongst you might want to do this yourself.

Building A Raised Bed Garden


Building a raised bed garden can be a great way to add to your landscape and make gardening easier. Here’s a video that shows you how to build a raised bed in your yard: There’s many advantages to raised bed gardening such as: Perfect Soil A raised bed garden sits above your current soil level […]

Using Garden Pots And Planters For A Better Looking Garden


If you are looking to add some pizzaz to your flower garden this summer, you might consider adding in some decorative garden pots and planters. Just like decorating your home, decorating your garden with strategically placed planters can add interest. Planters come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you should be able to match […]

Garden Bird Bath – How To Choose And Maintain One


If you want to add another dimension to your garden, then consider installing a garden bird bath because it will attract a variety of different birds that will entertain you with their playful antics in the water. while a bird feeder might only attract the types of birds that eat the seed you put in […]

Aeration in Soil

Poor aeration can also be due to restricted flow of air from the atmosphere into soil pores. Most of the gaseous interchange with the atmosphere occurs through diffusion, which is hampered by a lack of macro pores in the soil. On heavily textured top soils and in compact sub soils, the rate of gaseous movement is particularly slow.