Grow Hydroponics Novelty Foods for Fun and Profit


Did you know many people get a craving for foods, even though they may be out of season? For example, have you ever hungered for a slice of watermelon or cantaloupe in the middle of winter?  Unfortunately, if you visit your supermarket, all you will find are a few shriveled up slices wrapped up in […]

Two Ways You Can Save the Planet With a Hydroponics System


Chances are, you already know that a hydroponics system can be set up indoors.  As a result, you will not need to ruin valuable natural resources in order to grow foods using this method.  At the same time, if you can grow your own foods, commercial farmers will also need to destroy less land.  Regardless […]

Hydroponic Growing: Some Reasons to Try It


Are you tired of trying to fool yourself into believing that scrubbing carrots and potatoes will remove pesticides?  Unfortunately, carrots are notorious for soaking up more toxins from soil than any other plant.   Therefore, regardless how much you scrub foods, there is simply no getting rid of pesticides that have become part of the edible […]

A How to Hydroponics Guide for Your Apartment


Are you looking for a good “how to hydroponics” guide?  Chances are, you heard that it is entirely possible to create a full sized garden right in your own living room.  Even if your apartment is very small, you can make use of it to grow everything from corn and spinach to muskmelon.  You may […]

Customizing Your Homemade Hydroponics System


Once you know how to build and maintain a basic hydroponics system, it will be time to add some custom touches. Among other things, you will want to incorporate features that will make it possible to start a hydroponics garden in almost any room in your home.  While most of these suggestions will be purely […]

Grow Medicinal Roses With Home Hydroponics


As you may be aware rose hips are used for a number of different ailments.  Unfortunately, if you purchase commercially available rose hips, you may be exposing yourself to even more pesticides and toxins.  On the other hand, if work with the plans found in The Hydroponics Garden Collection, you can easily grow your own […]