Enhance Your Garden With Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a great addition to any outdoor space. Large wind chimes add a very positive and harmonious atmosphere to garden settings. They further the tension relief offered by nature and natural settings. While outside, tension and stress give way to relaxation and peace. People can breathe deeply and feel at ease.

The decorative and therapeutic nature of wind chimes makes them very desirable. Wind chimes come in many materials, but are mainly made from metal or wood. When choosing an outdoor wind chime, it is important to consider practicality and durability. Bamboo is a popular wind chime material, but is not able to stand the weather elements for very long. While bamboo wind chimes do create very nice deep tones, they will also eventually split from sun and rain damage. Metal wind chimes are available in materials such as aluminum, and are better able to withstand exposure to the elements.

Another consideration when choosing wind chimes is whether the preferred sound is one related to tubes, or bells. The length of the tubes used in the wind chimes affects the sound, and whether the associated sounds are high or low. The inclusion of more and less tubes directly correlates to the potential for more or less melodies from the wind chimes. Bells also produce different types of tones.

The senses are alive when you are outside and unplugged from technology and noises such as cell phones, fax machines, and televisions. Gardening is a very natural and therapeutic activity, so the pleasing sound of wind chimes being swayed by outdoor breezes is a natural partner to gardening. As hands dig into the dirt and create and nurture something beautiful, lovely melodies surround the gardening experience. The smell of fragrant flowers can be enhanced by the harmonies of wind chimes. If there is a bench or table in the garden, it may be advantageous to place the wind chimes nearby. Wind chimes can easily be hung from tree branches.

If there is a deck, porch, or veranda adjacent to the garden, the wind chimes may be placed from the veranda ceiling, or in a branch close to the porch or deck. They may even be placed near a door. If there is a pool near the garden, or surrounded by the garden, the swimming experience may be enhanced by the rich sound of wind chime music.

With the variety of sizes, shapes, and styles of wind chimes, there really is a perfect choice for any outdoor space. If you have a gnome garden, you may wish to purchase a whimsical gnome chime. If you enjoying watching birds in your garden, you may wish to purchase a decorative bird wind chime. The main purpose of wind chimes is to add a delightful and interesting feast for the ears to your garden setting. Be sure to hang the wind chimes in a spot that you frequent often, and where the chimes will be sure to catch a nice amount of breezy air, but not where they are openly exposed to potential wind gusts.