Garden Kneeler Reviews

I don’t know about you, but gardening can be a pain on my knees! I love to get right down in the dirt but that can be problematic for both your clothing and your kneecaps which is why investing in a good garden kneeler can be a smart decision.

But which kneeler is the right one? If you’ve done any shopping around, you know that there are many different kinds – should you choose a folding garden kneeler, a garden kneeler seat or something in between?

I guess the ultimate choice is really up to how you tend to garden and how much time you spend out there. Here are my reviews on the different types of kneelers:

The Rumford Gardener JBI2000 Gardener’s Kneeler/Seat

This folding garden kneeler seat is so easy to use – flip it one way and you can use it to kneel on but when you want to sit, you simply flip it over and it becomes a bench! It has a durable steel frame but is lightweight (under 10 pounds). It can old up to 225 pounds and folds easily for storage. This one got rave reviews – almost everyone who bought it gave it the highest rating with the only problems being that some thought the seat was a bit high for sitting and the padding could be a bit softer.

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Garden Kneeler Sitter

This is perfect for spending the day in the garden without having to spend a night of agony with your knees or back! Put it on one side and use it as a kneeler as shown – the handles make it easy for you to get up from a kneeling position. Flip it over and it acts as a bench for sitting! It’s the perfect garden kneeler seat combination! Sturdy steel constructions holds up to 300 pounds and has locking legs and folds flat for storage. Everyone who bought this one gave it 5 stars (out of 5) and it has many more uses than just in the garden!

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Garden Kneeler Bench

This can be used as kneeler (shown) or the seat part can be raised to be used as a bench that you can sit on. Weighing only 6 pounds, it’s light enough to carry around, but that also makes it a tad bit flimsy. It has a padded foam seat which makes it easy on the knees and the butt. It folds easily for storage or for schlepping around in your car. Customers gave this very high ratings stating that it was actually quite sturdy and the side handle made it very easy to get up from kneeling. The only thing to watch out for is that the feet can tend to sink into the ground.

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Step2 5A0000 Garden Hopper Mobile Garden Stool and Storage

OK, this is more of a garden sitter than a kneeler but if you like sitting or can’t kneel it’s pretty darn nice! I love how it has storage underneath so you can bring your tools along with you and it even has a holder for your water bottle. The reviews from people who bought this are very favorable, one thing though – it does roll nice on the sidewalk but can get stuck on the grass. Older people and people with bad backs also found that it wasn’t that easy to reach underneath for your tools. Very sturdy but lightweight.

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