How To Arrange And Plant Flower Garden Plants

Learning how to plant flower garden plants properly will help to insure you have a lovely looking garden but you will need to prune, weed and do other sorts of gardening tasks as well. Learning basic plant care and ways to manage your gardens as well as choosing the correct plants for your garden and how to mix them effectively is all important information you should be aware of before beginning your flower garden.

When designing your garden it can be handy to design garden segments laid out in grid systems which are very easy to replicate. You should also be aware of when each of your plants blooms so you can create an area that will always have color instead of one burst of color once during the season. When beginning you should try to make sure you use complimentary colors otherwise you may have some interesting color clashes that may be unexpected.

plant flower garden

It is also important to think about the height of plants and creating different levels when you plant flower garden plants. This can be accomplished by planting medium height flowers and then having low growing plants underneath. You can also try to incorporate different textures by using ornamental grass.

The basic plan to creating your garden is to first prepare the soil as you may need to mix in compost or fertilizer depending on your soil. You then need to do a little research and design you garden, drawing out a plan of your garden can be very useful, particularly if you are using many different colors, then bring out those markers or colored pencils. When shopping for your plants you should avoid plants that are already too big for their pots, plants that are too root bound or leggy and make sure you note the type of sun exposure for each plant.

When the plants are still in pots you can position them in your garden as you may decide to change things once you have the plants on hand. When you actually plant flower garden plants, make sure you don’t block the sun by putting taller plants in front of short ones. When planting your plants make sure you use a trowel and loosen the roots before planting. The root ball should be just above the surrounding soil and once you have pressed soil around the plant you should water. Finally it is important to water your plants regularly and keep watch of your plants for pruning and any other problems that may arise.

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