The Right Gardening Tools Makes A Big Difference

Make sure you have all the gardening tools before you leave your local gardening center. Once you decide what you intend to actually do in your garden it makes it easier to make the proper selection.

Once you plan to tile the soil you will need a spade shovel or shovel. There are different ones and many can be made out of less durable material. The prices for these are minimal. If you plan to garden over a few years go ahead and invest a few extra dollars and purchase a shovel that is sturdier. If this is the case a metal one will suffice. Even though a metal shovel can be used to do everything from digging up scrubs to cutting sod it is not recommended for large jobs. Consider hiring a company that specializes in turning over large amounts of soil.

Another tool is the spading fork it is mainly used for aerating and transplanting soil. If you live on a farm, this can be ideal for shoveling manure or moving hay.

The mattock is a tool every gardener should have. At some point the work will stop if there is not a tool nearby that can handle breaking up hard clay. It is also useful when working close to trees with established roots.Keep a pry bar or breaker bar close by if you plan to start a new flower bed. The soil is really difficult to break through and this is the tool that can handle the job.

Also make sure that there are buckets and carts somewhere close around for moving compost mulch and humus. Hedge shears, pruning shears, and grass clippers are necessary to maintain that beautiful flower bed.

Taking care of these tools is as important as having them. Remember to always clean digging tools after use after use. Never put them away until they have dried completely. This will prevent rusting and rot. Once the gardening season is near get them sharpened by a professional if you do not know how to do it yourself.

Make sure to clean any tool used with chemical applications. Fertilizer and other chemicals can corrode metal tools. Use builders sand and motor oil for extra protection on tools with metal parts. There are several different tools that can be used in several ways. Explore how many different jobs one gardening tool can do before buying a too for every single task.

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