Tips to Keep Bees Off Your Property

Bees are a very important part of our ecosystem. They help pollinate plants as well as flowers and trees, and they also make honey. However, bees are not welcome in most homes. Not only can their bee sting cause pain and itchiness, but if you have a weak immune system, it could also trigger an anaphylactic shock. Bees definitely are not something that you would want to see on your property.

Here are some tips to keep bees away from your home and garden.

Cover Garbage Bins

Covering garbage bins is very important if you want to keep bees off your property. Bees look for nectar, so anything sweet that you dump into your garbage bins is sure to draw bees to them.

Covering trash cans can also keep other pests away such as raccoons and skunks as well as roaches and flies. You don’t want these pests infesting your home because they are known carriers of deadly viruses as well as bacteria.

Limit Flowering Plants

Flowering plants have nectar, and as mentioned earlier, bees are drawn to it. If you want to keep them away, it’s best that you limit the flowering plants in your garden. However, if you absolutely love flowering plants and you have to have them on your property, then be sure to grow some bee-repellant plants near the flowering plants. Some good examples of plants that can repel not only bees but wasps and mosquitoes as well are lemongrass, wormwood, and eucalyptus.

It’s also a good idea if you eliminate pollen sources in your garden. Although pollens are mostly associated with flowering plants, there are a number of trees that are also known for pollen such as elm tree as well as apple tree.

Remove Water Sources

Bees make colonies near water. They need water to hydrate themselves as well as cool their hives during the summer season. In addition to bees, mosquitoes and other pests are also drawn to water.

To eliminate their potential water source, remove bird baths from your property. See to it that there are no open buckets with stagnant water in it. Also, if you have leaky garden faucets, be sure to have them repaired. You don’t want to give pests easy access to water.

Keep Your Garden Clean and Tidy

Bees and other types of pests are easily drawn to gardens and lawns that are unkempt, with tall grass, bushy shrubs, and untrimmed trees. If you want to keep these pests out of your property, then you have to keep your garden clean and tidy. See to it that you trim the tree branches and the shrubberies, and make sure that you regularly mow the grass and keep it low.

Got Bees?

If you or someone from your family is allergic to bee stings, do not get rid of the beehive yourself. You’re only going to put you and your family at risk. Instead, call your local pest control company. They have the right tools as well as the right products to get rid of the bees and their colony safely and effectively. Make sure though that the pest control company makes use of green methods in getting rid of bees.

Jennifer Dallman writes for Preventive, a pest control company. If you’re having bee problems, then be sure to get in touch with your local pest control provider to get rid of them for you.