What Kind Of Swimming Pool Would You Enjoy The Most In Your Back Garden?

If you live somewhere that gets good weather then it’s almost inevitable you’ll want to build a swimming pool if you have some extra cash lying around. In summer they could get used every single day. If you don’t care for laps then there’s always the option to go for a nice relaxing dip when you come home from work. You get pools in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but there’s more to it than that. It’s important you know the kinds of pools there are so you can make the right decision. Let’s have a look at some of the cool things you can choose from.

Lovely lagoon pool

You have a normal looking swimming pool that everyone else has, but if you want a touch of class you can go with a lagoon pool. These look like something you might find in the middle of the jungle. They have lots of rocks and plants around them and it’s like something straight out of nature. When your swimming pool blends into the environment you actually feel like it’s a little bit of paradise. They don’t even have stairs and blend into the ground so you can just slide in.

Stuntman pool

If you want a pool for doing big dives or crazy jumps then you’ll need to build a diving pool. At the deep end of the pool you could have a big diving board that you can bounce off and do huge flips. With these types of pools they need to be a lot deeper than your average pool because you don’t want to break your neck when you hit the bottom. These are a lot more dangerous if you have small kids so you have to think very carefully if you want to risk building one.

A relaxing spool pool

You won’t find a swimming pool that’s more comfortable than a spool pool, which is a combination of a swimming pool and a spa. The jet-stream from the sides of the pool will make you feel like you’re in one gigantic hot-tub. It’s much more enjoyable than a normal swimming pool, but in order for the jet-stream to have any effect you won’t be able to go crazy with the size. If the pool is too big it will just feel like you’re in a normal pool that happens to shoot water from the walls.

A pool for swimming lengths in

If you want a swimming pool for exercise then you’re going to need it long enough that you can actually swim. Small pools are great, but when you begin to do the front-crawl and reach the other side after two strokes it’s not exactly going to increase your chances of becoming the next Michael Phelps. Ideally they will be about 50ft long and whether or not you can build one will depend how big your garden is. If you do plan on using it for exercise but can’t install a big one, then maybe you’ll just need to keep going to your local pool instead of wasting money.

Disabled access

Some people are wheelchair bound and it can make going in the swimming pool an almost impossible task. Unless it’s a small child then it’s very difficult for someone to carry them in and lift them out all the time. Unfortunately, it sometimes means they don’t get to enjoy themselves the same as everyone else. What you can do is make it easier for them and if you have anyone with a disability in the family then you should build a pool with a ramped entrance. It means you can wheel them in and get them out easily, so now they get to enjoy the lovely water just like you.

Rebecca Dunham is a former national level swimming champion who recommends the coaching provided by¬†Pools Newcastle¬†Swimmers’ Association for aspiring swimmers.